ENFX 272 new generation polymer additive, is an polymer additive developed for coloured and transparent packaging applications for Cast and Blow film producers use Low Density raw materials

It works effectively with LDPE, LLDPE, mLLDPE resins. Application includes , stretch films, agriculture group products, shade nets, strecth and strecth hood.

-Resistant to chemical and physical interaction.

-minimizes chemical interaction caused by HALS and other additives.

-allows to work with raw materials having low and high MFI values.

– effectively works at high process temperature (<300 oC)

– makes it possible to incroporate pigments and filler into polymer much more easily

-It offers a high quality film surface with its  formulation that regulates melt rheology.

-It minimizes incompatibilities and surface tension between the additive materials and the polymer.

  • That allows you to get more effective product with less additive. (Such as color additives)
  • That eliminates agglomeration and welding problems in high filler loading (such as Calcite Additive)

-Eliminates surface defects and allows to use higher amount of LLDPE/mLLDPE in the polymer blends.

– prevents the thermal degredation of additives having low thermal stability such as UV and eliminates die build up.

TRANSPARENT FILM PRODUCTION; eliminating surface defects, high gloss and high transparency

COLOURED  FILM PRODUCTION; eliminating surface defects, high gloss and  increasing  colour strenght  using less amount of  colour  masterbatch.