Third generation polymer additive, slowly but effective coating at the die entrance. works effectively polymer having low MFI at  high temperature and high pressure conditions.

Works effectively with LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and PP resins. Blown film, cast film, raffia, high pressure water and gas pipes, corrugated pipes, PP carpet backing, sheet, engineering plastics, BOPP are some of the application.

-Resistant to chemical interaction.

– effectively works at high process temperature (<300 oC)

-allows to work with raw materials having high moleculer weight.

-has a good lubrication effect when used high amount filler.

– extend machinery and equipment life.

– It is a high performance product even in the most difficult processing conditions.

– It improves the PP processability due to its low surface energy and low friction effect.

-It makes easier to process highly viscous polymers by reducing friction..