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Blown film PE – PP shrink film, bags,Shade nets , Agricultural films, shrink hood
Cast Film PE stretch films, packing films
Pipe PE/PP/PPRC/ PVC High pressure water and gas pipes
BOPP PP Barrier film
Injection Molding PP kitchen products, agricultural products, plastic buckets,plastic toys, small plastic parts,
Lamination PP Laminated sack and tarpaulin
Raffia PP sack yarn, greenhouse twine
Filament PP BCF yarn
Blown molding PE Plastic bottles
Cable PE telecommunication cables, low voltage cable
Rotational Molding PE Polyethylene water tanks, chemical tanks
Recycled Products 2.Qality Granule Plastic bags
Nonwoven PP hygenic film, fabric
Thermoforming PP Packaging for cosmetics, food and pharmaceuticals
Purge Compound PE/PP