KOREN CHEMICAL CO. has been manufacturing polymer additives since 2012 with industrial intellectual background  acquired from KOÇERLER CO. which continues its activity since 1932, with value we offer to our wide range of costumer and  with this understanding what can be done newly, how can be added value to plastic industry. We have carried out long-term research and development activities with the idea that without any ideological  substructure there will not be any physical superstructure.

Chemical and polymer industry require to be specialized and have solution-seeking skill. For this reason, , we are providing the professional service with our knowledgeable and experienced engineering solutions and after-sales service understanding and tailor-made product portfolio. to be in an effort to provide the best value and best solution to the customer. With our advanced laboratory services, we approach our costumer with a diffferent understanding and we are working to add value to the polymer industry with our polymer additive.

We continue our activities with advanced technical infrastructure,  advanced technology, expanding its machine and equipment park in 2018 and a ground sales networks in the national and international (Central Asia, Balkans and Middle East) markets.


KOREN CHEMICAL CO. is a institutional investor who applies modern management approaches and fulfills its vision in the long run within the organizational culture and company mission based on change and innovation.

Our Mission; is to set the bar high for industry provided service with its created product portfolia, with added value to itself, costumers and suppliers and with experienced engineering solutions.

Our Vision; is to become a major player in Central Asia, Balkans, and Middile East and to be solution partners of the customer portfolio looking at value added in plastic industry.

Our Focus;  is to sell the our value-added products to the customer portfolio that is sensitive to Total Cost Management with an effective operation and a superior marketing approach.


Our Corporate philosophy; is to have an understanding of ;a collective work culture, embracing teamwork and knowing to share in every area of business life, emphasis on personal developement and mobilizing lifelong learning.


KOÇERLER CO. continues its activities in fuel sector with 2 gas station, regarding mineral oils, Castrol Lubricants South Region Business Partnership and Marketing Activities. At the same time, its activity in industrial gase filling and distribution is continuing and growing.

Koçerler feels proud of receiving tens of 1st place awards and nearly 50 degrees in income and corporate tax listings, advancing with its innovations and principles, breaking the sales records in those years in Turkey in subjects of regional dealership, distributorship and business partnership in a period of more than 80 years.

Koçerler A.Ş. founder H.Mustafa KOÇER

Koçerler A.Ş.